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01 January 2023
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From the Butler Collection – A Refreshingly Modern Take on a Classic Blue Kitchen Design

Is there anything cosier than a cottage style kitchen? Whether you live in the English countryside or a busy city borough, this lived-in, charming interior style is coveted by many.

Traditional cottages are known for their original features – rustic beams, exposed stone walls, weathered floors and quirky nooks. Kitchens within these idyllic properties are often designed with a focus on comfort, traditionalism and tactility, making this style an appealing choice for those wanting to create an inviting sanctuary.

Grey Hartford Kitchen Design

As the seasons change and we hunker down, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite cottage kitchen design ideas, whether you’re looking to renovate your entire kitchen or simply wish to create a cosy ambience conducive to relaxing this winter.

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Regardless of whether you live in a modern renovation or rural cottage, traditional shaker style cabinetry is perfect for creating a welcoming, lived-in look.

The shaker style has universal appeal with beautifully balanced proportions that focus on scale, symmetry and simplicity. We have adopted the handcrafted shaker style in a number of our kitchen collections, such as the Hartford, Kavanagh, Summerville, and the Devine, to name just a few.

Charming cottages and period homes almost always have challenging features such as chimney breasts, sloping ceilings, quaint proportions, quirky nooks and uneven floors. Choosing a bespoke shaker design allows you to preserve and work around these original features, enhancing your space’s look and individuality.

Natural Materials

Natural wood is an integral part of cottage interior design. It adds a sense of warmth and tactility. You can incorporate wood in the form of flooring, stand-alone furniture such as a farmhouse table, shelving, chopping boards or integrated wooden trays to break up painted cabinetry. Wood panelling is also a great way to add interest to a space. Embrace traditional panelling on feature walls, your kitchen island or a bespoke seating area. When painted in a heritage colour, it’s bound to give your space a homely cottage feel.

Weathered stone walls and marble flooring have a rich aesthetic quality, adding warmth and depth to a kitchen. Not only do these natural materials have an earthiness to them, but they are also incredibly versatile, working with a range of kitchen styles and colours.

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